Why My Dad Bans Us From Watching Wrestling

It was 1999 when I was 10 years old my mum sat beside me telling stories about myself and how I nearly got myself hot.

Many of us passed through childhood age and we’ll all get the pun about what I am going to say here, maybe Childhood is now a savage for youth.

Oftentimes, when I see how kids behave – I always have a reflection about my own childhood, truly they say Adult age is a scam because when we were young we hardly go on an errand or if we were  beating they’d carry us and pet us, most especially in some Africa’s countries mother often dance for their baby when petting, lol- So many memories.

When I was 5yrs my mummy always locked my brother and me inside whenever she’s going to the market and before she could return we’d have scattered everywhere and it’s either she whooped our ass or we remain hungry for the moment. So then my dad traveled and we were left with our mum.

Anytime my dad wants to go on tour either from work or church he always drops a huge amount of money that’d sustain before his return.

It was one Monday afternoon after we resumed school we had the launch my mum prepared before going to market. I was outside all alone singing a melody song with the birds on the roof, playing with stones and jumping whenever the birds fly, this was a great moment because there was no one to stop me, my brother was sleeping inside while my mum has gone to the market to get what we’d eat.

It was 5 pm when electricity brought the light, I shouted…. (Anyone that grow up in Nigeria will understand our Joy whenever NEPA brings light), I shouted Up NEPA!!! – I quickly rushed to the sitting room to switch on the Television, I know you’d be curious how I know how to switch it on, my dad taught me how to put on the TV set – it’s not a big deal because my dad always taught me what to press.

We were watching wrestling before the light was taken so it resumed back to where it stopped, the next fight was between John Cina and Roundyouton which seem to be the last fight on the Disk, I have always their smacks down and what my brother and me always out into try whenever my mum or dad are off to work. My brother is still lying on bed and I was bored watching it along and did I have to do? Lol… I started acting along until I climbed the fridge jumped on the couch with a very loud voice ‘Ahhhhhh!!!!, I am invisible you can’t see me’. I climbed the fridge again to jump on the center table; immediately I jumped I missed my legs and hit my head on the table my head started bleeding blood and I was crying, I was rendered helpless because my brother has far gone to another world in his dream.

15 minutes after, I was in a corner shivering – my mummy returned and was shocked to saw me full with blood, she began panicking asking where my brother was, I couldn’t say anything; the least I could do was shaking my head.

My mummy searched around the room and found my brother sleeping in her room she woke him up hot slap and questioned him where he was when I got this horrible wound.

They rushed me to the nearest clinic, they stitched my head and the med prescribed some drugs.

I always see scars on my head but I couldn’t recollect the whole scene and acts until my mum sat me down.

A week after my dad returned from his tour and found the big scar on my head he was so surprised to see such on my head, he questioned my mum and put all the fault on her, he also made the decision that no one should ever watch wrestling again, he burnt all the wrestling disks.

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