What Corona virus (COVID-19) Taught Us


Pastors, IMAMS, ARTISTS, TRADITIONALIST, and others visionaries all proclaimed 2020 has a great vision and a better year above all year’s spent so far.

I doubt if any proclaimed bad about 2020 or has a clear picture of what is presently happening, I would say few could envisage this but doubt kept them shut until it startles. I am not saying Pastors, IMAM, Prophets and other God’s sent are not real men of God the picture of 2020 might not be revealed to them because God is magnificent and no one can question his might.

Here are a few things many of us have learned from 2020, CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC (COVID19)

We should all know that everything we are chasing as mankind is vanity, and above we should learn to live in peace at home.

We have to understand that family is very important, spending more time with your family will always bring more peace in your home also health care professionals are worth more than football and music art although football and music are forms of entertainment and they are different from health care, the health system should be more handle with the serious hand than any other because if it’s when there is good health we can participate in other parts of life.

Our celebrities are more useless to the societies besides entertainment; Celebrities also have their takes on the present pandemic because they are not using their medium to educate their fans instead some make fun out of it and out is another damage to the public.

Essential service workers, engineers, nurses, truck drivers, pharmacists, doctors, e.t.c, are far for the integral fabric of society and are deserving of more recognition.

This is also for many of us, it takes global pandemic for so many of us to understand that washing our hands is important, washing our hand keeps us healthy and washing our remove dirt from the hands with proper hygiene. Also sneezing on your bare hands or not covering your nose when sneezing is not encouraging enough, medical experts have made it clear that sneezing on bare hands and touching metals, shaking hands can transfer this deadly coronavirus to another person and from the virus will be getting more spread.

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The government has a major role to play in their Economy and health facilities, Like other businesses, the government spends and makes money, consumes goods and services, and employs people. Federal, state, and local governments raise funds directly through taxes and fees. The government should also provide Laboratory for those that studied and studying microbiology, Physical, chemistry, and other science related Most specifically Nigeria lack adequate laboratory for science student and this is affecting every student graduating in the line because they don’t have opportunities to practice what they were taught in school. Although, this shouldn’t be the work of Government alone Individual that is capable of setting a standard lab can also put in an effort to bring people together so they can achieve one aim.

Another lesson most of us won’t still put into consideration even after this pandemic is having a piggy bank, saving is very important we should learn to save ahead the dry season, what I mean by dry season is when you won’t be able to work more just like this lockdown. Those that have saving still have more to enjoy more than those that are still waiting on government for Parliament.

Also, We should put God first above everything.

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