Covid-19: Upcoming Undergraduate Artiste Sends Viral Message To Ignorant Nigerians In New Track

The world has been hit by a double whammy. In Nigeria, ignorance is perhaps doing more damage than Coronavirus. That is why we must pray that Coronavirus spares us. A collabo between inflammable ignorance and contagious coronavirus will leave Nigeria in tatters.

COVID-19 has shown us clearly how empty and shallow so many people around us are. It has also shown us that ignorance is very infectious.

Daniel Oliyide (Danholy), looked out the window in a sparse town in Ondo under a cloudless sky, and decided to take his first studio shot in 6 months.

The Dance for me and Babe Answer crooner, like most Nigerians, had been adhering to his president’s call to stay home to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Danholy, a final year student of Adeyemi College of Education (degree), is influenced by recent disobedience of Nigerians, with many still questioning the existence of the novel virus in the country.

Though this song is recorded on the Instrumental beat of Devil’s Work by Joyner Lucas but Daniel is not in an imaginary confrontation with his God, he keeps it very simple and calm in any way possible.

Danholy sounds as if he was feeling the beats while he was rapping. We can visualize a clear picture of the song trying to raise awareness in society. Such underrated songs deserve popularity as they raise important social problems that we as a community are facing.

I give ‘Stay Safe’ by Danholy a decent 07/10 in the Lyrics Review category. An awesome freestyle, Danholy!

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