How To Get Over Relationship Trauma

Relationships breakups trauma

How To Get Over Relationship Breakup Trauma


Eniola (Enifex)

By: Sotikare Eniola Festus.

When talking about trauma, it’s what many youths have experienced and still experiencing. I guess there is no how we are talking about our youthful age and not pole about the trauma we undergo.

Trauma has claimed so many lives, also causes a psychological problem,  some are paralyzed because of Relationship trauma.

No one is as perfect as oneself other string attached like your friends, family and relatives are also going through trauma although theirs might not be a relationship trauma, it could be other traumas we wouldn’t be talking about today.

If you ever see people sharing their stories about what they have passed through or picture the image of their present relationship to you, you would be wowed and know that what revolved around the world is more than just going for who you like.

I was having a conversation with a lady some months ago and I felt she passed through enough trauma to even think of going into another relationship, more so, her previous relationship has caused so many scars in her heart, and still, on still, she is still passing through heartbroken. When she was telling me her story I discovered her fault but the ex-boyfriends have the most blames because guys of this 21st century don’t stay with one girlfriend they want to sample them all, they want to have a (bucket list) (Body count) lol.

The relationship is more than loving someone that never reciprocate back or never show the same energy you are showing to him or her, so many guys are dating themselves thinking they are in a relationship, what do you expect in that type of relationships? “It will always end in tears” as the common slang because you are the one thinking you have a relationship.


What do I mean by Relationship Trauma Breakup?   It’s a Post-traumatic Relationship Syndrome. … This is a description of a trauma-based syndrome called Posttraumatic Relationship Syndrome (PTRS) which may afflict individuals who have been traumatized by physical, sexual, and/or severe emotional abuse within an intimate relationship. Post-traumatic Relationship Syndrome

Relationship Breakup Trauma is also having reflecting memory of your past relationship, the most image that picture in most memory is ‘I have been used and dumb or despite all I have done in this relationship this idiot still has got to leave’, having such reflection will make you regret all your committed, effort and time spent in the relationship.

So how do you overcome this Reflection that would be causing trauma? 

If I tell you it’s very easy to get over trauma maybe I was trying to deceive you but you have to master your mind to get over it.

First thing I would suggest is having a confidant or an intimate (Someone you can share your story with and will not use that use such to muck you or start acting weird), best people we can share our story with are our parents but it’s a difficult thing for us to do because our parents think we are innocent and telling them such experience will change their orientation about us… Lol.

What really matters here is having a friend you can trust and will always be there whenever you are down.  To every advantage, there is a disadvantage too and the disadvantage here is the person you chose as a confidant how sure are you he/she can keep your secret? This mind doubt has made many hold their secret and nurse their trauma themselves.

Secondly, always make sure you have a settled mind.

When we settle our mind we put our mental chatter aside and give it a rest, putting our mind at rest will help you to figure what is next than being in a state of dilemma.

How can you put your mind at rest in order to get over relationship breakup trauma?

  • Engage your mind thinking of positive things. When your mind is open you will be able to see beyond, This is one major mind exercise
  • Listen to music, one important role of music is it helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Play games, we are in a world where technology has advanced to the extent we don’t have to leave our house before playing any game of our choice, unlike years ago that we would have to go to the gaming center but now technology advancement has made it easier, we now have games on our phones.

More so, there are some games that trained the mind, like Puzzle, Sudoku, crosswords, peaks, etc, these games are available on your phone store.

  • The last I would mention here is exercising.

Kindly drop a comment if you really enjoy this piece of work and if it works for you. You can also add more to the solution. 


Thanks for reading. 

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