Get Over Emotional and Psychology Trauma In Your Relationships

Relationships breakups trauma


Weeks ago I publish How To Get Over Relationship Trauma And this inspired The writer of this to write to ladies on how to get over traumas they have experienced in their relationship both latter or moment.

Breakups have caused a lot of damage to our brain cells, the way we relate to people so had lost their lives to the trauma. The emotional fall out of leaving someone you really love and care for can lead to depression.

Every day the number of persons who breakups trauma has affected negatively keeps increasing drastically. This article is to help on the things you need to do to get out of relationship trauma’s
In lives, we have so many youths out there who have been psychologically affected and many find it difficult to get out of being depressed. There are a few things you could do;

*Don’t isolate: Isolation means staying away from people, secluding oneself. I understand trauma could make you want to stay away from people, but this is really not the time to be an introvert, you need people around you. It might take a while to get over the pain and feel happy again but you would definitely find happiness.

*Let go completely: The memories, the pictures, the thoughts, the gifts, the texts ,, everything that reminds you of your past relationship has to be forgone completely. You need to wake up and realize the need to be free from the trauma bondage. If you need to delete contacts, pictures  gifts, don’t hesitate to do so! Remember whatever brings you sadness isn’t worth it.

*Start a new day with positivity: You need to start writing and saying positive words to yourself every morning and tag it on your wall e.g Tell yourself, ‘you are the best thing that could ever happen to anyone’, that sounds great right!

Take care of your health: “No man or woman would want to start a relationship with a sick looking spouse”. Enough of the tears, enough of the thoughts of the past and just be fine. Love comes to those who still hope, be considerate about your health at all times.

Cry out if you need to: If you need to cry or ask your ex questions get a teddy bear and assume that is your ex, say everything you feel to the bear, fight it if you need to, sometimes letting the tears out would help you.

There is no need to talk about the trauma because the memories will still find its way of hurting you. You need to fight and help yourself get out of the trauma. True love never leaves and the one who truly cares about you won’t want you to be a victim of trauma.

So ladies, get the makeups on and let me see you grooving at the party tonight and Guys don’t drink yourself up, there are many fishes in the ocean to catch, let me see you rocking at the party. Always remember that “You are the best and you deserve the best and the best will find you”.

Write ups by: Babagbemi, Damilola Adebanke

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